Pheasant / Quail / Chucker

Premiere Hunting Preserve in the heart of Clay County, Indiana. Specializing in Quail, Pheasant, and Chuckar. No Hidden Fees!


Quotes I have been to about all the preserves around and this one is the best. It is as close to wild bird hunting as you can get great flying birds in lots of great cover all at a fair price. I highly reccomend giving it a try. Thank's Jim for the great hunting. Quotes
Dave Clark

Quotes i had a blast! ive been to south dakota on private and public ground this place by far has been the cheapest and best experience close to home the birds are gorgeous and fly amazing! they keep you on ur toes for sure,not like i was expecting but in a great way! i like choosing the birds i like to hunt and fly as if theyr wild and i am hooked on this place! me and my friends had a blast and plan on this place bein a "regular" place to go. we spent next to nothing on a bunch of memories we'll never forget! will make an appointment soon thank you jim for a blast! Quotes
brian vitz